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"Jim Cripps on Jim Cripps"

Jim Cripps welcomes you to the site dedicated to life's work — nearly incomprehensible nonsense.

Clicking on the links on the left, you can venture on to see such fodder as past and present artwork, my models and Super-Secret LEGO© Project, photos I've taken, some of my thoughts, one of my old jobs, and a list of my writings.

And don't forget to look at my latest projects, especially helping The 1 Second Film get completed and shown around the world! Mwuhaha! Anyway, it will be exciting to see more in the coming months, which will be getting shorter and shorter, and hotter and hotter. Seems that a couple of producers have created so that USC and UCLA can form another rivalry and compete in gaining producer credit for the schools. And to the victor, a listing above the other. Mwuhaha!

The 1 Second Film

Speaking of movies, I'm thinking of moving My List O' Movies to Googlepages, and also completely revamp it. You can see the first page of my new List O' Movies now!

Wondering what "Adjectives and Adverbs" is all about? Well, it was the name of my previous website, the name coming from my thoughts about writing; If you need a longer story, just add adjectives and adverbs. My apologies to Strunk & White, and Stephen King.

Some of the links here will not work until I fix all the code. It's the move, I swear!

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